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This is a community dedicated to the characters Alphonse and Edward Elric from the anime television show Fullmetal Alchemist. So much of the show is devoted to the relationship between the two brothers, the obvious deep, supporting love between them, that it's easy to grow to care for the two, and for what they mean to each other, in the simplest sense of the two as brothers.

What is this community for?

Fics, pics, fanworks and discussion focusing on the relationship between the two brothers being affectionate and fluffy (what I refer to as 'Elric kyoudai,' not that any of you need to know that.) or even angsty and guilty. Whichever way, the love between them.

What is this community NOT for?

This community is not for Elricest. This is NOT a pairing community. For those who are interested in taking the Elric kyoudai relationship all the way, there's a well established community for that over at elricest. This community instead, focuses on the two as brothers, not as lovers.

In other words, there will be love here, but no sex. If that's how you prefer to see your Brothers Elric, then this is a place for you.

Baby Elrics are Naive Love <3

So what, exactly, is permissible to post here?

Permissible entries include any discussion or fanworks that fills the following two requirements: it must focus on the Elric brothers, and it must not include a sexual relationship, nor any references to such. Huggling, cuddling, declarations of affection and loyalty are all allowable (these are canon, even) but there can be no sex, nor allusions to sex.


1. Be polite at all times.
2. Keep all posts on-topic.
3. Avoid spam.
4. Respect the other members, period. Trolls will be banned at my discretion.
5. Over 250, LJ-cut. Long text entries (over 250 words) and large graphics (over 250 pixels) should be put behind an LJ-cut.
6. Spoilers for important events that happen in the series should also be placed behind a cut.
7. Anything that is not 'work-safe' -- that is, of a PG-13 rating or higher -- must be behind a cut, and a warning notice placed in the header.
8. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
9. No introductory posts without content.


+Although this community is Elricest-free, it should be Elricest friendly. Bashing on the pairing or its fans is not permitted.
+Fanworks may contain any pairing you like, from Ed/Winry to Roy/Al, but the main focus of the fanwork should be the Elric brothers.
+Please spell-check and grammar-check entries before you post them, and try to avoid chatroom slang or netspeak.
+I reccommend that you include a header with your fics and art. Headers should contain information such as the author/artist name, rating, warnings if applicable, and spoilers if any; anything else is optional. An example header might look like this:

(Please use a slightly modified version of the standard internet warnings: G, PG, PG-13, R, and R-18.)

For further details on the rules, guidelines, or mission statement of this comm, please read the members readme.

Moderators and affiliates:
At the moment, there is only myself and nymeria as a moderator. I am currently accepting applications for co-mods.
If you're interested, please also check out the elricest community.

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Happy posting!

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