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New member welcome and guidelines.

Plenty of people want to read about the Elric brothers. Fewer people want to read about them having sex. So where's the comm for people who want to read only brotherly fics? Hopefully, it's here.

It would be impossible to watch the show Fullmetal Alchemist without getting the sense of how much the two main characters, the brothers Alphonse and Edward Elric, care for each other. It's evident in how they act, how they speak, what choices they make, how they interact with each other and with other people. Much of the show is devoted, one way or another, to the relationship between the two brothers and their struggle to look out for one another against the trials and pains they face together.

It would be difficult to get through the entire series without coming to care for each of them in turn, and becoming emotionally invested in that relationship. For many people, that deep bond between them is the most attractive part of the show, the best reason for watching it. It is only to be expected, then, that when fans go looking for fanworks over and beyond the show itself, the relationship between the Elric brothers is one of the things they'll most want to read about.

Some people in the English speaking fandom (and quite a large segment of the Japanese fandom, as can be evidenced by walking into any store that sells doujinshi) are comfortable with taking their relationship all the way, and portraying the two as lovers as well as brothers. For that segment of the population, there is the elricest comm, and plenty of shrines and sites available for perusal.

However, not everyone is comfortable with portraying it as a sexual relationship; many people only want to read about the two as brothers, and feel that love is plenty enough. For people who are uncomfortable with incest, it can be especially difficult, since many of the writers who focus the most on the Elric brothers, who write the most and the best stories about them, are the Elricest writers; unless they want to sort through the Elricest stories for the non-sexual stories, it's difficult to find good stories to read.

That is why this community is going to be a place devoted to fanworks about the Elric brothers as only brothers, not as lovers. I welcome and encourage all Elricest writers and arists to post works here, provided that they are non-explicit; non-Elricest fans of course are also welcome and encouraged to post here as well. In this way I hope to provide a place for people who are uncomfortable with the thought of incest to still be able to enjoy the Elric relationship, and for the fans who love to write about the Elrics to be able to reach a wider audience.


1. Be polite at all times.
2. Keep all posts on-topic -- all entries must pertain to Fullmetal Alchemist and to the characters Alphonse and Edward Elric.
3. Avoid spam (that is, posting many entries all at once, or one-line posts with no content.) Respect the other members' friends view. :)
4. Respect the other members, period. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but rudeness and flames are not. Trolls will be banned at my discretion.
5. Over 250, LJ-cut. Long text entries (over 250 words) and large graphics (over 250 pixels) should be put behind an LJ-cut. If you're not sure how to do an LJ-cut, please check out the FAQ here.
6. Spoilers for important events that happen in the series should also be placed behind a cut. If you're not sure what constitutes a spoiler, assume that it is anything more than basic knowledge about the show and the identities of the two characters involved is a spoiler.
7. Anything that is not 'work-safe' -- that is, of a PG-13 rating or higher -- must be behind a cut, and a warning notice placed in the header.
8. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarists will get one warning, after which they will be banned. Reposting without permission, even if credit is given, will be counted as plagiarism.
9. No introductory posts without content. Leaving comments on other peoples' entries is far and away the best way to get to know people, and to get yourself known in the community.


+Although this community is Elricest-free, it should be Elricest friendly. Bashing on the pairing or its fans is not permitted.
--Please avoid even statements of opinion that would be considered inflammatory (such as "Hi, I love the Elrics, but not having sex, because I think that's just wrong.")
+Fanworks may contain any pairing you like, from Ed/Winry to Roy/Al, but the main focus of the fanwork should be the Elric brothers.
--Fics up to and including NC-17 may be posted on the comm, despite the restriction; the 'no sexual content' rule applies only to the Elric brothers. In other words, the brothers may be having sex, simply not with each other. However, please remember to label pairings and ratings accordingly.
+Please spell-check and grammar-check entries before you post them, and try to avoid chatroom slang or netspeak. Remember, what you write is your face on the internet!
+I reccommend that you include a header with your fics and art. Headers should contain information such as the author/artist name, rating, warnings if applicable, and spoilers if any; anything else is optional. An example header might look like this:


If there are any questions (I would be surprised if there were none!) or suggestions, please place them in a comment, and I will respond to them as best as I can.
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