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A newbie.

I just joined this community. I absolutely adore and support the brotherly relationship and love between the Elric brothers. Hope I'm doing this right after reading the rules....
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and then Ed and Al didn't live happily ever after

So mikkeneko writes In Living Memory. ILM is a story that takes place six years after the anime, in which Edward has been thrown in prison for crimes he didn't commit. It's hard to pimp this story without giving away everything interesting about the fic, but suffice to say it's a GREAT read. It's like reading a mystery: the explanation isn't fully given away until the end. =D

And then, there was prisonfic.

mikkeneko and I got into a long discussion about ILM and basically, she bunnied me. So I wrote a prequel: the story of Ed's six long years in jail. It's not really the brothers Elric, though, so just a quick link. (The side story Responsibility (post-prisonfic) is brothers Elric, though. ^^;; )

The cool part of this is that it inspired the fantastic authors cryogenia and kaltia to also write fic! Both are writing portions of a sequel to In Living Memory.

A History of Violence: by cryogeniaCollapse )

And last but not least, ( Prison!fic: untitled, by Kaltia ) - kaltia really needs no acclaim: she's a well-known elricest writer. One could consider this little story to have hints, if you squint, but it's generally gen. It's just a few very painful, tender moments between Ed and Al - Ed is still awkward and uncertain, but he's trying. It's heartbreaking. ;____;

OKAY. so. go forth and read!

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I'm Redrose, I'm rather new here and I want to post a fic. It's a general fic, about post Munich. Bare with me, it started as a crossover, but it is heavy on the Edward Alphonse relationship.

It's long and I will post it chapter after chapter.
Let me know if the boys are in Character. It's my first fic with them and I find Edward very difficult to write with. Also, I've only seen about 20 eps, with my son, Chris, and I’ve never seen the movie, so I might have some inconsistencies.

I’d love some advice. The story is a Who crossover, but it is so heavy on FMA, the Whoverse stuff is subtle and I explain it as the story goes so you don’t need to even know what Doctor Who is if you read it.

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Fan Video: Soul Meets Body

Hi everyone. I was pointed to this community by theladyfeylene. I've only recently been introduced to FMA and as of now have only seen the first twelve episodes. But I got hooked so badly I just had to make a video. Not only is this my first FMA vid, but my first anime vid altogether, so it was a bit of an experiment in a way. So far it's been well received in my own LJ even by people not familiar with FMA at all, so I hope some of you will enjoy it too.

Title: Soul Meets Body
Editor: Lenna
Rating: PG
Spoilers:(clips from the first four episodes only)
Warnings: none
Summary: A video about Ed and Al using the song 'Soul Meets Body' by Death Cab for Cutie
Notes: song lyrics behind the cut if you're interested

lyricsCollapse )
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